Why First State Bank?

Kendra thought her account had been hacked. She could think of no other explanation for those three charges for $115 that appeared on her account. While she’d authorized her cable provider for one of those charges, she certainly hadn’t approved three! Kendra was sure there was fraud involved and called us promptly.

“It doesn’t look like fraud,” said Larry, the branch manager of our Richmond branch when he spoke to Kendra. He explained that it was more likely a processing error by the cable provider. He asked Theresa in the ATM department to review the transaction activity report for any signs of fraudulent activity. Theresa review confirmed Larry’s assessment: it was indeed a processing error. She moved forward to help Kendra resolve the situation with minimal negative impact to her account.

Knowing Kendra was coming to the branch on her lunch break and would be pressed for time, the branch team prepared all of the necessary claim paperwork that Kendra would need to sign and had everything ready for her when she arrived. This simplified the process for her and reversed the overdraft charges that resulted due to the overpayments – which helped combat some of her stress.

And though the cable company did end up refunding Kendra’s cash, they never admitted fault nor contacted her, despite the extra work their mistake created for her. Kendra was grateful that the First State Bank was able to help her and treat her like a person – not just another number. While this is the kind of service we provide every day – we know that when it comes to your finances, it matters more.