Lending Team

Not all mortgage loans are created equal. Then again, not all lenders are, either. At First State Bank, we pride ourselves on being different – we are proud of our team of lenders who listen. Whether you’re a first time buyer, or you’ve been around the block before, our lenders will work with you to find a home loan that best fits your needs.

Give us a call today or contact one of our lenders to see how we can help you find the mortgage loan that’s right for you.

First State Bank NMLS ID 462643

Loan Officer NMLS ID Phone Number Email Address
Linda Allen 1469579
Margie Bernia 1124248
Sarah Boyle 1124249
Cynthia Darkins 684128
Diana Evennou 707352
Anne Fillinger 684129
Patricia Fisher 684130
Cathleen Glynn 1193190
Sara Grevi 926670
Loriann Grimsley 1193166
Carrie Hennekam 684132
Ramona Kethe 684133
Barbara Kozlowski 684135
Larry Kuzdal 684136
Nanci Milam 684139
Cindy Miljan 1265968
Dino Morelli 1200737
Lawerence Morris 684140
Maria Moss 847608
Susan Pianello 684142
Rhonda Potts 684143
Sharon Richardson 684144
Laura Ruggirello 1284282
Mary Schwarzkoff 653569
Jody (Johanna) Seefried 881945
Ryan Smylnycky 891325
Erin Stein 684147
Andrew Taravella 684148
Sandra Weidenbach 684150
Teresa West 684151
Heather Wietecha 1367415